Random stuff I did or scribbled down years ago.


Tried being able to blog using evernote.

Strictly VC

See which companies got money. Based on StrictlyVC.

Mental Models

Based on an article about mental models I created a different visualization. It shows different mental models every time you visit that page.

Some Quotes

A personal collection of things already out there.

68 Bits of Advice

Some random bits of advice showing up randomly based on another article.


Listen to music based on r/listentothis.
But keep in mind: the videos are not live updated yet. :(

Netflix Learning with Anki

Idea is to get flashcards to AnkiDroid with the vocabulary of a netflix episode.
I'd like to mention LLN here as this is a project going awesomely in this direction too and doing a great job. ;)

Education Debacles

Based on an article about education debacles I created a different visualization.


Dabbling around with Angular I made a site where the user puts in a math related (german) search term and the search results are the final image of the video and you can watch the video directly in the playlist.

Magic The Gathering

Having played MTG as a kid I played around with their API while learning VueJs. Idea was to have a Website where you can track your own stack of cards and easily build decks via drag and drop.