negate and resize all images in folder

I ended up getting Magick (download link) so I was able to do stuff in the console like magick file.png -negative output.png.

Don't use command line or powershell. Use a bash for this final command that puts every image negated into a results folder:

for img in ./*; do echo $img; magick "$img" -negate "results/${img#./*}"; done


Did it like that:
for img in ./*; do echo $img; magick -define jpeg:size=^1920x1080 "$img" -thumbnail '1920x1080>' -background black -gravity center -extent 1920x1080 "endresults/${img#./*}"; done

A Script To Do It All

Put it in a folder with the images and click it like beckham.

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negate images
negative of all images