The Art of the Start

Make meaning!
1. increase the quality of life
2. right a wrong
3. prevent the end of something good

Don't write a mission statement, write a mantra.
Wendy's: Healthy fast food
FedEx: Peace of mind
Nike: Authentic athletic performance
Mary Kay: Enriching womens life
His mantra: Empowering entrepreneurs

Get up and get going
1. Think different
2. Polarize people
3. Find a few soul mates

Find a business model
1. be specific
2. Keep it simple
3. ask women

Weave a MAT
1. milestones
2. assumptions
3. tasks

Know thyself, Niche thyself

Make a great pitching
"I pitch, therefore I am."

ideal font-size: 30

Who to hire
:-: Ignore the irrelevant ( people have to love the product )
:-: Hire better than yourself ( to prevent a bozo explosion )
:-: Apply the shopping center test

Lower the barriers to adoption
1. Flatten the learning curve
2. Dont ask people to do something you wouldnt do
3. Hire evangelists

Seed the Cloud and watch the Sales grow
1. Let a hundred flowers blossom ( scheiß auf die leute die dein produkt nich haben wollen. mach dein produkt besser für die, die es kaufen )
2. Enable test drives
3. Suck down

Be a Mensch
1. Help people that cant help you
2. Do the right things the right way
3. Pay back society

Funding Choices

How do you find Evangelists?
just build something great ( jeder will gold anfassen )

How do you find soul mates?


Experience is overrated
Entrepreneurs müssen jung sein, weil sie einfach nicht wissen wie hart es wird.
haha nice

Guy Kawasaki: The Art of the Start